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  • Trowalpur effluent treatment

    Trowalpur effluent treatment

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    After the finishing process the process water contains abrasive and metal fines, frequently also oil and metal in solution.

    for this reason the effluent must be cleaned before going to drain or being recycled back to the finishing process


    The trowalpur range of effluent treatment systems offers various recycling systems which were specifically designed for different mass finishing processes:

    CENTRIFUGAL FILTERS Abraisve and metal fines as well as trapped oil are separated from the proess water by way of centrifugal force and can be removed as solid sludge. The cleaned process water can be recycled to the finishing machine.

    Besides the robust, semiautomatic basket centrifuges, type ZM, Trowal also offers fully automatic peeling centrifuges, type ZA, with a capacity of up to 3000 liters per hour.