Trowal Vibratory Finishing Machine

  • CC


    out of 5

    Sturdy , heavy-duty vibrator.
    Ideal for processing bulk

    Features . . . high grinding efficiency due to
    integrated ramp.

    ball burnishing with :
    – reinforced drive system
    – reinforced work bowl
    – special drains, etc . . .

  • CD


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    These circular vibrators can be applied universally and
    are very economic to acquire and maintain.

    Features . . .
    flat-bottom bowl, ideal for processing delicate


    problem-free processing of larger work pieces
    because of the large internal height between
    work bowl and separation flap.

    triangular wedge on outer wall (option).

    long screening area for easy separation of
    chips and workpieces.





  • CM


    out of 5

    Flat – bottoma vibrator witout
    integrated screening device.

    Features . . .
    specially suited for fine-finishing

    and plishing.

    Impingement free process-sing of delicate
    parts with a so-called paddle-wheel.

    pneumatically operated discarge spout (option).




  • Effective Degreasing

    Effective Degreasing

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    Trowal continuous vibrators are ideally suited for degreasing when large quantities of parts must be processed. The parts are continually fed into the trowal vibrator at very short cycle times where they are processed in a preset processing time. They leave the machine as they entered: On a continuous basis !


    The Trowal machine range includes:
    Circlon continuous circular vibrators, type MC, with an extremely long processing channel, suitable for delicate parts.
    Linear continuous vibrators, type AV for small and big parts, for aggressive de-burring and radiusing.

    Trowal continuous machines are ideal for integration into manufacturing systems with continuous parts-flow